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Roofing, Painting, & Windows in Portland Oregon
The owners of this home in Troutdale, Oregon were preparing to sell the house and were on a very tight schedule. so we sent out our “A” team painters Portland Oregon to knock it out of the park . The crew had the roof done to perfection in 4 days despite the […]

Swiss Chalet On Mt. Hood

Swiss Chalet On Mt. Hood Reveals Its True Beauty!

This Government Camp vacation home about 40 miles outside of Portland Oregon, on Mt. Hood was desperately waiting to be revived with a full exterior face-lift.

The All Phase Exterior crew wasted no time getting to work and began this remodeling project by first replacing 5 windows with new vinyl […]

Roof Repair Portland Oregon

This home in North Portland Oregon required a new roof and barge board replacement. Below are the images for this roof repair portland oregon job. Another fantastic job done by the professional crew at Allphase Exteriors.

Roofing Contractors Portland Oregon

No More Leaks! – Beaverton Oregon Roof and Chimney Rebuild
“These homeowners can now rest easy knowing that there will be no more leaks from a bad roof or chimney in their future.”

This house was definitely due for a new roof, the All Phase Residential Construction crew started by completely removing the old roofing system down to […]

Brightwood – Portland Oregon Siding & Painting

Job done to Perfection by All Phase Residential Construction LLC
“We think the transformation is amazing, but what really matters is what you think, please, let us know your thoughts?”
Although this mountain home didn’t look terrible at first glance, it was definitely outdated and in need of some repair. As we began removing the old siding to […]