Aluminum Windows Portland Oregon

Aluminum Windows Portland Oregon
Aluminum windows in Portland Oregon are attractive, strong, and quite durable. The metal alloy called aluminum is easily maintained, and it’s perfect for framing windows because of its versatility. Although the common misconception is that an aluminum window frame is not very cost effective, today’s technology has created an aluminum frame that is efficient and will help keep the energy bills affordable.

The Benefits

The greatest benefit to using aluminum in a window frame is that it has a narrow profile, yet it can support the heavy weight of the window itself. The narrow frame will help you maximize the view from each window making it all the more spectacular. This is the number one reason why architects and builders turn to aluminum windows when working on both new construction sites and home renovations. As a homeowner you will enjoy how little maintenance is required to keep your aluminum windows looking great. This metal is resistant to insects and won’t rot or decay the way wooden windows do over time.

Aluminum Advancements

The original aluminum windows on the market were not very efficient. Because the metal is a perfect conductor for heat, aluminum windows made it hard to keep the heat inside during the winter months. During the summer the opposite would happen, and homeowners would see the outside heat creeping in around the windows. This kept the energy bills high all year long. Today’s aluminum windows in Portland Oregon benefit from the latest advancements in windows and frames. The glass has been much improved for energy efficiency as well as the aluminum frame. This new technology allows aluminum windows to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

You will also discover that the construction of the frames on an aluminum window has also been greatly improved over the years. Thermal breaks are placed on the interior side of the aluminum frame. These breaks will stop the metal’s conductivity in order to keep the temperatures and elements in check throughout the year.

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