Fiberglass Replacement Windows Portland Oregon

Fiberglass Replacement Windows Portland Oregon
Fiberglass has been around for many years as a staple in boat construction. Although this amazing compound has been slow to catch on as a window frame material, it’s an excellent choice because it’s manufactured from a mix of glass fibers and resin, which are highly dependable materials that cause less stress on your homes windows.


Because fiberglass is such a reliable material, it’s a great way to display your personal sense of style. It won’t be affected by problems like bugs, UV rays and wear and tear from weather, like other issues that may arise with other window materials. Its flexibility allows for gorgeous windows in a variety of styles, from standard to multi-frame picture windows that add a nice touch to your home.


A great feature of fiberglass is you can paint it with no problems. Traditional vinyl frames are nice, but you can’t use paint to change the color of vinyl unless you want to void your home window warranty. In addition, rain and other inclement weather won’t cause your fiberglass to deteriorate, and you can even add a wooden veneer inside the frame for a more personal touch of beauty.

Fiberglass is available in many versatile colors so that you can put your windows in without adjusting their look, since you’ll have access to a wide range of colors that you can match to your home’s style. At All Phase Residential Construction, we want you to be able to choose Portland Oregon windows that are exactly as you desire.

Available Brands

All Phase Residential Construction is a cutting-edge company that offers you fiberglass windows from Milgard. We want the best for all of our Portland Oregon window customers, so we strive to give you only the highest quality materials that will last for years to come.

For the most trustworthy and durable windows, fiberglass is the material of choice. You can find the perfect windows for your home’s personalized look, and you can trust that your windows will withstand the elements and change with your taste over the years.

Call us at All Phase Residential Construction for information on the savings and elegance fiberglass windows will give your home.