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gutters portland or

Rain gutters are probably one of your home’s most essential and underappreciated architectural features. These roofing system components protect your home by collecting and channeling water away from the foundation, which prevents erosion as well as leaky basements and crawlspaces. Gutters collect the rain along the edge of the roof and direct it towards downspouts that discharge the water a safe distance from your home or towards a rainwater collection system. An inch of rain falling on the average-size roof equals approximately 1,900 gallons of water.

Not only do broken, clogged and leaky gutters detract from the appearance of your property, but they also create the potential for all of this water to damage your roof, soffits and fascia. Improperly maintained gutters can eventually lead to serious structural problems as well as mold and infestations by various pests, including termites, carpenter ants and cockroaches. A correctly installed and properly maintained gutter system can save you thousands of dollars in other repairs.

There are many types of gutter system materials, including aluminum, galvanized steel and architectural gutters made from copper. It is essential that they all remain in good working order. If a storm damages your roof, it also has the potential to damage your gutters. Even the best materials experience wear over time. While some situations can be corrected with gutter cleaning or repairs, such as reconnecting downspouts and replacing hangers, others may require the installation of a new seamless gutter system. Installing gutter screens can help reduce the potential for clogs in the future by preventing leaves and other debris from becoming trapped inside the gutters and downspouts. This allows water to flow freely through the system. The cost of installing gutter screens is offset by lower maintenance costs and the reduced amount of time spent maintaining the system.

If you choose to repair, replace or install new gutters Portland, Oregon Metro and surrounding areas, rest assured that the service we provide will meet or exceed your expectations. Our staff will work with you to select the appropriate materials and tailor the work for your unique situation. Each type of gutter material has its own cost, features and benefits. Entrusting professionals to handle your gutter project eliminates the risk of injuries that you or a loved one can occur while working one or more stories above ground level. Contact us today for more information and a free, no-obligation estimate.