Milgard Windows Portland Oregon

Milgard windows Portland Oregon
When it comes time to replace the windows in your home, you want to turn to a brand you can trust. In Portland, that brand is unquestionably Milgard Windows: originally from Tacoma, Washington, the company now uses a manufacturing and customer resource center in nearby Tualatin, Oregon to serve homeowners across the Western United States and Canada. Milgard windows are specifically designed and manufactured to handle cold weather, making them the perfect choice for a northwestern winter. If you want to replace your windows to create a comfortable and beautiful home, check out Milgard Windows Portland Oregon.

History of Milgard Windows

In 1958, Maurice Milgard, Jr. and his son, Gary, started a business called Milgard Glass Company in Tacoma, Washington. Later, Gary’s brother, Jim, also joined the business, and the company began producing aluminum windows. However, in 1962, Gary Milgard decided to open his own operation, Milgard Manufacturing, which specifically created aluminum windows to meet building conditions in the western United States. Over the years, Milgard Manufacturing developed a number of doors and windows designed for cold weather. Because of this innovation, the company was gradually able to expand until it was purchased by the Masco Corporation in 2001, the same corporation that owns KraftMaid Cabinetry. Today, Milgard Windows is one of the largest and most trusted window brands in the western United States and Canada, with numerous manufacturing and service facilities scattered from Oregon to Texas.

Award-Winning Innovation

Milgard windows are known for their high quality and effective features, such as Low-E Insulating Glass and lower-maintenance vinyl exterior window finish. All of their products are produced in-house in facilities like their Tualatin manufacturing plant, where each window is subjected to hours of testing to make sure it meets their high standards for insulation and cold-weather performance. Because of this, it is no wonder that Milgard Windows is an award-winning brand: BUILDER magazine has named their vinyl windows “Best Vinyl in the Nation” eight times and “Most Used Vinyl Windows” five times. Likewise, both Professional Modeler and Professional Builder have rated Milgard Windows the “Most Preferred Vinyl Windows” three times.

Sustainable and Stylish

Leaky and inefficient windows can cause unpleasant drafts and high energy bills. All Milgard windows, which come in a variety of attractive architectural styles, meet or exceed ENERGY STAR requirements, helping homeowners avoid these unpleasant problems. The company also designs their products to meet strict thermal and solar requirements, and also conducts thermal simulation to improve efficiency performances. Furthermore, the windows can be recycled or reused when their warranties expire, extending their commitment to sustainability.

Portland homeowners know how important it is to balance architectural style with cold-weather features and environmentally-friendly design. For this reason, if you are thinking about replacing the windows in your home, the best choice is Milgard Windows. Learn more about using this product in your home by contacting our Milgard Windows Portland Oregon service today!