Wood Windows Portland Oregon

Wood windows Portland Oregon
There is nothing quite like wood to make a house a home. Wooden windows are an especially nice touch for the exterior of your home. No matter what material your home is constructed from, wood windows will provide a beautiful frame.

We in the Northwest are fortunate to have plentiful woodlands, which traditionally have provided a variety of beautiful wood that is suited to the climate and building conditions of the Portland, Oregon, area. All Phase Residential Construction has partnered with the best wooden window manufacturers to bring the beauty, durability, and thermal efficiency of wood to your home for all your window needs.

Bare wood is highly prized for its insulation ability. It is unbeatable for keeping the cold out in winter and the cool air inside when it is hot outside. In addition to its demonstrated insulation properties, wood windows offer unlimited versatility as they can be painted almost any color one can imagine, enhancing the aesthetic beauty of your home.


All Phase Residential Construction offers a variety of wooden frame styles. We have bay windows, double, single, and even horizontal slider windows in wood frame style, as well as awning and casement style windows. We do specialty windows in octagonal, round, and non-operational.

Let All Phase Residential Construction be your wood window professionals in Portland, Oregon. We look forward to serving you in all your window needs.


Wood windows in Portland, Oregon, and the Pacific Northwest will require a modicum of maintenance. The outside windows need regular checks to be certain they are not harmed by the environment. They must be painted or refinished periodically to guard against the rot and decay that can occur in a rainy climate. Wood windows on the interior of the home can also be damaged by blows or scratches and the edges and corners should be checked regularly for minor damage. Fortunately wood windows are easy to repair and often will require nothing more than touch-up paint.

Most manufacturers of wood windows give very reasonable warranties, and some windows come with limited lifetime warranties. Though many builders are leery of wood window installation we at All Phase Residential Construction are proud to offer it, as our suppliers are the best. Wood that is well-tended will provide comfort and beauty for your home for years.