If you have windows that are more than 10 or 15 years old, you may have noticed chilling drafts and high energy bills around your home, decreasing your comfort and straining your budget. Because of this, a window installation project is likely sounding quite appealing: new windows can better regulate temperatures, improve your home’s energy performance, and some homeowners may even be able to claim tax credits after purchasing Energy Star qualified windows, doors and skylights. But do your windows really need to be replaced, or simply repaired? Before you start researching the best windows to lower energy bills, consider the type of windows you have to make sure the ends of a window replacement project will justify the means.

Are Your Portland Windows Rotted or Jammed?

Before you make any decisions, check your windows for signs of decay, jammed sashes, or broken parts. An experienced window contractor might be able to repair these problems, but extensive damage will require a window replacement. However, if you see signs that water has penetrated around the frame, the windows will need to be removed and repaired before rot sets in. Check your original warranty to see if this work will be covered and talk to a professional about whether it would be better to replace or repair your windows.

Is Your House a Historical Property With Its Original Windows?

If your home is an old property with old windows, don’t replace them: these features are likely an important architectural detail, and replacing them can lower the house’s value. Instead, ask your local preservation society if they can recommend an expert to perform any necessary window repairs. Likewise, some simple projects, like replacing the caulking and adding weather stripping, can increase the energy efficiency of even old windows.

Was Your House Built Before 1960?

Poisonous lead paint wasn’t banned until 1978, which means that many houses built before 1960 contained this product at one point or another. Unfortunately, your windows are a likely spot where the paint may have been used, and may be releasing dangerous dust throughout your home. If you suspect you may have lead paint in your home, contact a us we have the experience dealing in dangerous paint removal for a window replacement project. By replacing these old windows with new storm windows or other modern choices, you’ll be able to protect your family in more ways than one.

Are you thinking about replacing your windows in Portland Oregon? Consider the factors above before moving ahead with your project!


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