The Importance of Choosing a Painting Contractor

Are you ready to tackle your next big home improvement project? Picking a painter is about more than just trying to make your home look good. A well-executed paint job may just be your building’s best line of defense against nature.

A contractor’s work must stand the test of time. If your painter does things correctly, you’ll enjoy increased property values, but if they cut corners or miss critical steps, your home could fall prey to the elements. Here are some of the reasons All Phase Residential Construction, L.L.C., should be your first choice.

Exterior paint is subject to forces of nature that can overtime wear the paint down. While some of these aspects of nature, like rain and wind, are well-known, others, like moisture buildup, mildew growth and solar UV damage, aren’t so obvious to homeowners.

The type of coating you pick plays a big difference in how well it resists these factors. Unfortunately, homeowners may not be able to make the best selection simply by reading the label on a paint can. Different brands and products include diverse additives and substances designed to produce specific effects, so it takes experience to make the right choice for lasting protection.

Without exterior paint, your building would be directly subjected to the forces of nature. In addition to causing wear and tear that could ruin your home, environmental conditions increase your energy bills. Paint coatings play a major role in raising your building’s albedo, or the amount of solar energy it reflects. While this may not seem like a big deal, it can ultimately impact how much you pay to keep cool in the hot summer months.

Good painting contractors Portland Oregon metro area also protect other exterior elements of your property. The fences, decks and sheds that raise your home’s value and make it unique are only good as long as you protect them. These fixtures are even more exposed than the rest of your property, so they require specialized stains and coatings to keep them safe from insects, vegetation and weather.

Is it time to paint the outside of your home? Find out by getting in touch with All Phase Exterior today. We’ve served the Portland metro area for years, and we’re proud to say that our work has earned us accolades from countless homeowners, industry leaders and the Better Business Bureau. Discover how we can help you keep your property in top condition by scheduling your consultation soon.