Siding Design for Portland Oregon

The siding of your home is your shield from the elements. Substandard or damaged siding can let in frigid winter air, which can raise your heating bill. Moisture seeps into your home, leading to mold and expensive repairs. Pests can slip in the cracks caused by natural weathering, invading your clean personal space and chewing up your dry wall. Some home owners put up with cheap, delicate siding that cannot stand the test of time. Here are some qualities to consider when picking out new siding to protect your home.

High-Quality Materials

If you feel that it’s time to upgrade your siding, consider using HardiePlank, a cement-based siding that stands up to the harshest weather. Its sleek design resists insects, rot, and fire. Cement does not expand and contract as much as other materials, and unlike vinyl siding, cement easily takes on paint. A fresh coat of paint can work wonders for your home’s value, which is another great reason to consider switching out old, cookie cutter siding for our custom made siding.


We care about the details. Our installation procedure follows strict guidelines that are upheld by our well-trained siding contractors. Portland, Oregon homeowners ought to feel secure when they choose our products, which is why we hire teams of high-caliber professionals to get the job done.


Each HardiePlank order is custom manufactured to suit your geographical location. In the Pacific Northwest, our siding stands up to hurricane-force winds and extreme temperature changes. It stands up to the searing heat and damp cold of Portland, making to the perfect weather-breaker. We offer cedar for those who want top-shelf, aesthetically attractive, and lightweight siding.

Best time for installation?

There is really no bad time to hire a siding contractor to install siding on your home, with adequate coverage from your soffits or eaves, siding can be installed any time of year without the chance of moisture entering the bare walls.

We’re dedicated to providing you with the highest-caliber siding possible. Please give us a call or email. We’d love to help.