Porches and Patios

Choosing the Right Type of Patio or Porch

If you are considering a makeover for your existing patio or having a new one installed on your property, it is important to pick the right type of patio for your individual needs. There are several topics to consider when developing an idea for your patio’s design.

Ground Material

Cost is often a factor for most people in choosing which material to put on the ground. Stone has a unique look but can be more expensive than concrete. However, concrete can crack over time. Both options have their own advantages so discuss them with a professional before choosing. It is also important to consider other structural features the patio will have.


Does the patio need walls? If so, think about the type of material to use. Concrete blocks are affordable and sturdy. Some people prefer stone for a more decorative look or bricks for an elegant look. If you plan to spend a lot of time on the patio and want more ventilation, screens are a good option instead of thick walls. They keep the bugs out and let the breeze in.


If you want to protect the patio itself and be able to enjoy it during inclement weather, a covering is a must. You may want a tin roof, a shingled roof or another option. Perhaps you want it to match or coordinate with the style of your home. Discuss your needs with a professional to determine which option best fits your situation.


For patios with walls, windows are a great choice. You may want screen windows or open windows with no glass for a summer-only patio. Since Portland winters are chilly, you may want glass windows that can open and close if you want to use the patio during the summer and winter.

Decorative Features

Your patio should be a place where you can go to relax. Think about what you want to add to it that facilitates relaxation. Do you want a fire pit or a wood-burning stove? These are all great features to add but they require some planning and expert advice.

When you are ready to give your patio a makeover or design one that is customized to be perfect just for you, contact the patio experts at All Phase Residential Construction in Portland, Oregon.