Portland Oregon Roof Repair

portland oregon roof repair
When it comes to your home, the roof is a vitally important feature. Although there are many very important components of your home’s structure, it is the roof that keeps you safe and covered. Every homeowner wants to be assured that their roof is safe and sound. With our roof repair, Portland Oregon residents will be able to rely on their roof for many years.

Our trained professionals will first give you a free estimate just as we do with all of our available services. We’ll take your needs into consideration, and we’ll help you choose the best colors, materials, and time to start the roofing project.

The Roofing Job

Having your roof repaired or replaced is quite invasive, but you don’t need to be home during the process. As long as you have a power source we can get to for our tools, we won’t need you to be at home. If we do need to go into the attic, we’ll figure out a plan individually. We want your roofing experience to be a comfortable one.

Fascia and Gutters

Along with new roof construction or replacement work, we can also replace rotted fascia and worn gutters. During a home inspection, we’ll look for rotting boards so we can include repairing them in your estimate. Just like you, we want your new roof to last. This is why we pay attention to the details.


To stop your attic from becoming overheated, we will replace and install any needed vents while working on your roof. We will also check to make sure range hood and bathroom fans are being vented properly. Because this part of the job requires access to the attic, we will schedule it at your convenience.

Roofing Materials

When doing roof repair in Portland Oregon, there are several roofing manufacturers that we work with. They supply us with materials that are well suited to the climate of the Pacific Northwest. Best of all, these materials are made locally. You’ll be getting Energy Star rated materials while supporting a local business. We do have additional brands we can work with as well so that the result is to your complete satisfaction.

Types of Shingles

There are four main types of shingles that are specific to the Portland, Oregon area:

  1. Architectural Shingles
  2. Slate or Tile Shingles
  3. Cedar Roof Shingles

Learn the drawbacks and benefits of each type of shingle.

Types of Roofs

The most common roofs in the Portland, Oregon area are:

  • Hip Roofs
  • Gable Style Roofs
  • Flat Roofs

Learn the benefits of each type of roofs.