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The inclusion of All Phase Residential Construction on Trusted Few is a well-earned recognition that your company is a highly qualified and reliable home service provider and “One of the very best in the […]

Three Benefits of Vinyl Windows in Portland

At some point or another, every homeowner will likely have to invest in a window replacement project. Windows 10 to 15 years old are likely to be drafty or damaged, causing your home to feel less comfortable and your energy bills to rise. In this situation, new window installation can significantly reduce or eliminate drafts, making […]

Things to Consider Before Installing New Windows in Portland Oregon

If you have windows that are more than 10 or 15 years old, you may have noticed chilling drafts and high energy bills around your home, decreasing your comfort and straining your budget. Because of this, a window installation project is likely sounding quite appealing: new windows can better regulate temperatures, improve your home’s energy performance, […]

New Smart Window Senses Outdoor Temperatures To Save Energy

While past smart window designs required an ongoing electric current (making their implementation somewhat counterproductive), a new schematic by Japanese chemical engineer Xuhong Guo depends on naturally occurring heat only.

“The gel contains a heat-sensitive polymer (a chemical made from chain-shaped molecules),” Student Science explains. “Once the gel’s temperature rises above 32 °C, the polymer molecules coil […]

Winter Temps May Endanger Aging Americans | Portland Oregon Winter Window Installation

Portland Oregon Winter Window Installation
When it comes to aging Americans, staying warm can literally be a matter of life or death. Seniors ages “65 [and up] account for nearly half of all hypothermia deaths,” according to The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC). For that reason, it is critical for seniors to regulate household temperatures, […]